Glee dating real life

Glee dating real life

Glee dating real life

Santana says that she shouldn't be tied to doing math all day, but that she should be out in the world and enjoying her life. Under the guidance of Sue, she later accuses Coach Beiste of sexual harassment/inappropriate touching, but at Will's insistence, admits she made it up and that she actually wanted to touch Beiste's breasts. She talks about her love life and Eleanor Roosevelt and her best friend.

Glee, and even dated costar Naya Rivera for several years during the series run. Dance with Somebody Brittany sings I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me) with Santana. Sam calls Santana asking for help to find out what's going with Brittany and the origin of her new attitude, since Santana is the only one who truly understands Brittany.

She dances and sings along to Black or White. Both Brittany and Sam are happy about this news. She also performs with The Troubletones and the moms during I'm So Excited. She along with Sam are sitting in Principal Figgins' office where she is accused of cheating on her exam, but she admits she didn't cheat. Rachel panics a little and tells her she is not doing that and Santana tells her hell no and gets her to set the chicken down in the hallway. A Night of Neglect Brainiac Brittany It is revealed that Brittany is a member of the Brainiacs, McKinley's academic decathlon team. She says the whole time she was planning the wedding she couldn't help but think of them. Will reassures Brittany that just because she got kicked out of the Cheerios, it doesn't mean she's out of Glee club, and Emma hands her pamphlet titled "So You Look Like Crap." Will suggests she and Emma meet daily, but Brittany claims she doesn't have. Dreams Come True Brittany comes to the auditorium with Santana at the end of the episode, they perform backing vocals for I Lived with the rest of the Glee Cast.

But his life took a turn in 2015. Brittany sings and dances back up, along with Santana and Rachel, for Mercedes in Baby It's You. Britney.0 The episode starts off with her walking down the hallway of McKinley High, doing a 'voiceover' aloud when Blaine interrupts her. In the video for Will's unborn child, Brittany recalls Will's ability to pull ducks from hats.

She attends the Sugar Shack at Breadstix with Santana. Burt thanks glee dating real life the four of them for being brave. Sam approaches her and asks why she is giving out gifts, she tells him about the documentary and it turns out, Sam is a strong believer. Sexy Brittany has a pregnancy scare because she had seen a stork by her window the night before (implying that she still believes that storks bring babies).

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Brittany and glee dating real life Santana, along with Kurt and Blaine, sing Our Day Will Come for all the couples in the room. Yes/No At the beginning, she is with the girls listening to Mercedes and then they sing Summer Nights. She is invited to Rachel's girl meeting for girls dating football players to stand up to Karofsky.

The initial main cast encompassed club director and Spanish (later History) teacher Will. Then she is in her bedroom, on her bed staring at her laptop, looking sad, forlorn and on the verge of crying, while waiting for Santana to come on iChat. When Jacob interviews her and the rest of the students, he asks who the new leader of the glee club will be, and she believes that she. Santana puts her foot down and tells Brittany what started the whole superstition.

Brittany reveals to Santana that she misses her and she is not dating anyone. Next, Tina, Sam and Joe sing an acoustic version of 3 together. After the song, Brittany congratulates Santana for her performance, but Santana confronts Brittany with the fact that she didn't tell her that she's dating Sam and then introduces her new girlfriend Elaine and gives her a peck on the lips. At the cafeteria, she appeared in her super hero costume to help Jake from the jocks along with the New Directions. Bash While talking with Sam, Mercedes mentions Brittany along with all of Sam's other girlfriends. Sam and Brittany realizes that it's December 22 and the world didn't end. Brittany asks how Kurt copped with wedding planning and he says that he didn't have to because his engagement was called off. Brittany and Santana are later spy on Will Brittany in The Rocky Horror Glee Show and Emma rehearsing Touch a Touch a Touch a Touch Me where they mock Emma Pillsbury for being a virgin, and they perform a few lines in the song, thus.

The musician made a name for himself as bad boy Noah Puck Puckerman. After her anesthesia sessions, Brittany appears more confident, claiming she should have all glee club solos in the future; she does get to perform a solo in Toxic. At Blaine and Sam's celebratory party at Breadstix, she and Sam are seen talking and Sam tells her that he had voted for her. She says that the news is just a little shocking.

Kurt make a music video of all three of them performing Beyonc's. Brittany performs background vocals in the Beatles classic, Hello, Goodbye. Brittany was nominated for prom king. As they are in the hospital with Quinn, she is seen looking down at her belly. Schuester, who won teacher of the year.

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When Finn, Rachel, Kurt and Blaine arrive at the prom, Brittany welcomes them, but she insists Blaine shouldn't wear hair gel.

Glee is a musical comedy-drama television series that aired on Fox in the United States for six seasons from 2009 to 2015. Sooner after they were finish Sue began commenting it was 'garbage Brittany was called to Sue's office, only to find that in the most recent Algebra test, Becky made her way up to a C, whereas Brittany drew an ideal picture where Math doesn't exist. Later, Santana hijacks the lesson to create an intervention. Brittany cries, telling him that he was the only person in their school who had never called her that, and runs off.

Diva Brittany competes in 'Diva Week' with the New glee dating real life Directions Girls and Blaine. During the song they exchange loving glances and touches. She disagrees and realizes that leprechauns are not real. He finds her in cooking class and sings Isn't She Lovely to her, which Brittany is annoyed by at first, but ends up enjoying by the end of the song, despite her efforts to avoid Artie during the number. Santana questions if Brittany believes Rory is a leprechaun, but as Santana gives her plan to quit New Directions only with Brittany, she doesn't agree. The performance is similar to Britney Spears 2007 VMAs performance. This transitions into a special Spanish edition of Fondue for Two with Alma. The Rocky Horror Glee Show The glee club glee dating real life is doing The Rocky Horror Show, and Brittany is given the role of Columbia (shared with Tina).

It focuses on the high school glee club New Directions competing on the show choir competition circuit, while its members deal with relationships, sexuality and social issues. Brittany performs with the Cheerios under Coach Roz Washington 's new routine. Before Last Friday Night she is seen sitting on the ground talking to Santana thinking.

Jacob Ben Israel asks Brittany about the future, but Brittany believes that he is working on a time machine too. The New Rachel Brittany returns back to New Directions, due to her having to repeat her senior year. Brittany sings and dances back up for Roderick in Mustang Sally and sings with Santana in Home. He should burn all his clothes and start dressing like a normal person and follow his life's ambition to become the best Barbara Bush impersonator.

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