Hook up studio monitors to imac

Hook up studio monitors to imac

Hook up studio monitors to imac

You could get by with less power if you hook up studio monitors to imac just use them for casual listening in a small-ish room but they will not sound their best at higher volumes.

Thread starter Mario8672; Start date Oct 5, 2007; Mario8672 The Lone Deranger. Yes, you can connect a second monitor (external monitor) to your iMac here's how.

Best Answer: To connect a Mac Mini with a Mini DisplayPort or Thunderbolt port to an old Apple Studio display with an Apple Display connector, you would need to find an Apple Display Connector to DVI Adapter (Apple used to sell one but they don't. Do an Internet search on "Audio interface" to get an idea of what is available. Many companies make these things, in every imaginable price range. If you have an amp with an optical input, you can use an optical cable similar to this one.

Hooking up studio monitors to MacBook Pro

The newer Mac Minis also have an hdmi Port, you could buy an Apple Display Connector to DVI Adapter and then you would buy an hdmi to DVI adaptor. The 99 Dual-Link DVI Adapter lets you connect to an Apple Cinema display, and if you have one of those, well, hey, good for you, lol.

Hey guys, I m just about to pick up my first set of monitors (pretty much set on M-Audio BX8 D2, unless somebody convinces me otherwise haha). Which iMac monitor cable you need depends on the external monitor you want to connect.

With your external monitor turned off, connect the monitor to your iMac with your new cable(s and then turn your second monitor. IMac dual monitor setup FAQ: Can I connect an external monitor to my iMac? IMac dual monitor setup with Mini DisplayPort. (If you're not sure which iMac monitor cable you need, please see the Apple links below for more milf dating in Kvalsund information.) iMac dual monitor setup, once you get the correct adapter cable for your external monitor, the iMac dual monitor setup process is simple. For a higher quality setup, you can use an interface like the one Islandlady mentioned. After that, it just becomes a matter of how you want to use your iMac dual monitor setup.

Studio Monitors to iMac. Using this iMac display port and the correct cable, which you'll have to buy you can connect your iMac to an external monitor.

All Macs have a standard 1/8" (3.5mm) TRS headphone jack (also known as a stereo minijack). If you tell us more about how you intend to use your speakers what (if any) other sound equipment you have available we may be able to give you some more specific recommendations. To create a dual monitor iMac, first locate the "Mini DisplayPort" on the back of your iMac. Other combinations would work equally well (eg 1/8" stereo TRS to dual 1/4" TRS but these types of cables may be slightly harder to source).

Connecting Studio Monitors to iMac Mac Support

You can see the iMac Mini DisplayPort in this photo: (Image courtesy of, apple, with a speed dating show few words rearranged, and the red stardom hollywood dating 5000 dot above the iMac monitor Mini Display port added by dating after divorce with a baby me to make it more apparent.). There are several ways to hook the amp up to your Mac. How big an amp depends on what you want to use them for, but typically it would be 20 watts or more per channel for a critical use like studio or reference monitoring.

Hooking up studio monitors to, macBook Pro. IMac dual monitor - iMac Mini DisplayPort.

Apple hots matchmaking changes Mini DisplayPort to Dual-Link DVI Adapter. IMac dual monitor setup - Summary. You can get these from a variety of sources, but here are links to these iMac adapter cables on the Apple store website: Most external monitors these days support DVI or VGA cables, so you'll probably want one of those first two monitor cable types. (Or, how do I use the Apple Mini DisplayPort to connect a second monitor to my iMac or MacBook Pro?).

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